Meeting President
Timothy Beale, London/UK

Local Organising Committee
Elizabeth Loney (BSHNI president 2018), Darlington/UK
Suk Ng (BSDMFR president 2018), London/UK
Steve Connor, London/UK
Salman Qureshi, Manchester/UK



08:30-09:00    Opening Ceremony

09:00-10:30    Clinical role of imaging advances in head and neck cancer

09:00   MR-PET
09:30   MR perfusion and diffusion
10:00   A window into the future: New sequences under research, radionomics and genomics

09:00-10:30    Petrous Temporal bone

09:00   Imaging in the detection, pre-operative assessment and follow-up of the vestibular schwannoma
09:30   Can MRI diagnose Meniere’s disease?
10:00   The role of imaging in the diagnosis and follow-up of necrotizing otitis externa

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-11:30     Cranial Nerve Imaging

11:00   Trigeminal neuralgia and other neurovascular compression syndromes: The role of imaging in patient selection
11:30   Advances in cranial nerve imaging
12:00  Perineural spread and post treatment cranial nerve dysfunction in head and neck cancer

11:00-12:30     Paediatric imaging

11:00   Imaging of vascular malformations in the paediatric population
11:30   Imaging of congenital sinonasal and facial malformations
12:00  Congenital inner ear malformations

12:30-13:30    Industry sponsored symposium

12:30   The clinical role of ultrasound in the larynx, pharynx and oral cavity

13:00-13:45    Lunch Break

13:45-15:30     Head and neck cancer

13:45    Staging oral cavity and oropharyngeal SCC. How to get it right first time?
14:15    Controversies and pitfalls in head and neck cancer imaging
15:00   The role of 3D printing in reconstructive surgery

13.45-15:30    BSHNI Educational Oral Presentation Session

15:30-16:00    Coffee Break

16:00-17:30    Interactive Session

16:00    The suprahyoid neck spaces. Case based interactive
16:45    Causes of otalgia. Case based interactive

16:00-17:30    ESHNR Short Oral Presentation Session



08:30-10:30    BSDMFR @ ESHNR: Maxillo-facial Interactive

08:30   Radiolucencies in the maxilla and mandible
09:15    TMJ pathology. How to interpret?
10:00    Imaging of facial implants/fillers and their complications

08:30-09:30    ESHNR Short Oral Presentation Session

09:30-10:30    Industry Symposium: Thyroid

09:30   Video demonstration and evidence base for RF thyroid ablat

10:30-11:00    Coffee Break

11:00-12:30    Salivary gland imaging

11:00    Cross-sectional characterisation of salivary masses
11:30    The role of ultrasound and FNA/Core biopsy in salivary pathology: The evidence base?
12:00   Salivary gland intervention: Selection criteria and procedures

11:00-12:30    Thyroid/parathyroid

11:00    Current imaging in hyperparathyroidism
11:30    The micropapillary thyroid carcinoma. How should we manage? What is the evidence?

12:30-13:30    Industry sponsored symposium

12:30   CBCT of the temporal bone. Clinical applications

13:45-15:00    BSHNI @ ESHNR

13:45    Introduction
14:00    Peter Phelps lecture: Incidental findings in the head and neck. What should I report?
14:30    Imaging of auditory implants: A surgical perspective

13:45-15:00     ESHNR Short Oral Presentation Session

15:00-15:30     Coffee Break

15:30-17:00    Emergency imaging of the head and neck:  Pearls and Pitfalls

15:30    Facial and skull base trauma
16:00    Infections of the head and neck
16:30    Vascular injuries

15:30-17:00    Airways

15:30    Large airway disease: A radiological and surgical perspective
16:30    IgG4 disease in the head and neck



08:15-10:00    Sinonasal imaging

08:15    The role of CBCT in sinonasal anterior/central skull base imaging
09:00    The role of imaging in endoscopic sinonasal surgery
09:30    FESS a surgical viewpoint

08:00-10:00    RC 1: Head and Neck Cancer

08:00    Clinically relevant laryngeal and hypopharyngeal anatomy
08:30    Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal pathology
09:00    Clinically relevant nasopharyngeal anatomy
09:30    Nasopharyngeal pathology

10:00-10:30    Coffee Break

10:30-13:00    Interactive session skull base and orbits

10:30    Congenital and developmental imaging of the central skull base
11:30     Tumours of the skull base
12:15     Lesions of the orbit: Test yourself

10:30-12:45    RC 2: Sinonasal

10:30   Clinically relevant sinonasal anatomy
11:15    Sinonasal tumours- key review areas
12:00   Sinonasal Inflammatory disease: How to structure your report

13:00    Closing ceremony