Prize winners 2009

Best oral presentation – 1st prize
A. King, A. Vlantis, K. Bhatia, A. Ahuja, J. Wong, J. Woo, B. Zee, A. van Hasselt
“Detection of nasopharyngeal carclnoma: Accuracy of MRI of the nasopharynx in high risk patients”

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
C.R. Habermann, J. Oji, C. Arndt, J. Graessner, Y. v.Kodolitsch, G. Adam
“Diffusion-weighted echo-planar MRI of primary parotid gland tumors: does a higher B value setting improve the diagnostic potential?”

Best scientific poster presentation1st prize
S. Steens, B. Verbist; Leiden/NL
“CT myelography in obstetric brachial plexopathy”

Best scientific poster presentation – 2nd prize
D. Haba, G. Dumitrescu, M. Hedesiu; Iasi/RO
“Clinical, histophatological and Imaging findings in intraorbitary extensions of periorbital lesions”

Best educational poster presentation
E. Loney, S. Viner, D. Oswal, D. Strachan; Bradford/UK
“The role of Imaging in the pre- and postoperative assessment of active middle ear implants”

Winner of “Case of the Day Competition”
Rhian Rhys