Prize winners 2010

Best oral presentation – 1st prize
Dr. S. Bisdas – “The association between microcirculation and glucose utilization in head and neck cancer”

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
Dr. S. Khemani – “The value of non-echo planar (HASTE) diffusion-wighted MR imaging in detection and localisation of postoperative recurrent cholesteatoma”

Best scientific poster presentation – 1st prize
Dr. G. Kasprian – “3 Tesla tractography of branchial plexus lesions”

Best scientific poster presentation2nd prize
Dr. H.B. Lee – “Signal intensity change of the cochlea in patients with vestibular schwannoma on isotropic ┬žD fluid-attenuated inversion recovery MR imaging at 3T: correlation with tumor size and hearing level”

Best educational poster presentation
Dr. F. Bidault – “Reconstructive surgery for head and neck cancer: indication and radiological features”