Prize winners 2012

Best oral presentation – 1st prize
K.A. Eley, S.R. Watt-Smith, S.J. Golding; Oxford/UK
“Craniosynostosis and “Black Bone” MRI: An alternitive to CT

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
M.C. Larson, M. Kerl, R. Bauer, S. Zhang, R. Hammerstingl, T. Vogl, M. Mack; Frankfurt/DE
“Comparison of true real-time MR imaging with radial k-space sampling to videofluorsocopy in the follow up evaluation of velopharyngeal dysfunction or insufficiency treated by surgery”

Best scientific poster presentation – 1st prize
J. Goh, S. Loke, A. Karandikar, C. Ho, W. Lim, T. Lim, Singapore/SG
“Skull base osteomyelitis mimicking nasopharyngeal carcinoma: imaging features at initial presentation”

Best scientific poster presentation2nd prize
A. Surov, I. Ryl, S. Bartel-Friedrich, S. Kösling; Halle/DE
“MRI of nasopharyngeal adenoid hypertrophy – is DWI helpful for the characterization as a benign entity?”

Best educational poster presentation
P. Mundada, T.Y. Tan; Singapore/SG
“A shapshot of imaging in mixed hearing loss”