Prize winners 2017

Best oral presentation – 1st prize
B. Sharif; Harrow/UK
“British Thyroid Association’s ultrasound scoring of thyroid nodules amongst five observers of various experience: diagnostic performance and inter-observer agreement.”

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
A. Hedjoudje; Cergy/FR
“Preliminary study of electrical distribution within the human inner ear based on computed tomography of vestibular implanted patients”

Best scientific poster presentation – 1st prize
P. Touska, S. Hasso, F. Chinaka, S. Connor; London/UK
“Skull base ligamentous calcification on high-resolution CT – an observational study”

Best scientific poster presentation – 2nd prize
R. Dias, D. Rosa, J. Salvador, A. Borges; Lisbon/PT
“Role of Octreoscan in the differential diagnosis of parapharyngeal space lesions”

Best educational poster presentation – 1st prize
E. Gómez, A. Quiles, G. Laguillo, B. Beltrán, M. Fernández, S. Pedraza; Girona/ES
Facial fractures: Anatomic highlights, patterns and complications

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all prize winners 2017!