Prize winners 2018

Best oral presentation – 1st prize
S. Winklhofer; Zurich/CH
“Cinematic Rendering in Head and Neck Radiology: A novel 3D Rendering Tool for Computed Tomography, Cone Beam Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging”

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
K. Eley; Cambridge/UK
“Comparison of a new fully automated and semi-automated segmentation technique for “Black Bone” MRI in the assessment of oncological cortical bone destruction”

Best oral presentation – 2nd prize
C. Burd; London/UK
“CT morphological comparison of internal auditory canal fundal diverticula in the presence and absence of otospongiosis”

Best scientific poster presentation – 1st prize
L. Siakallis, J. Ellenbogen, S. Connor, D. Wei; London/UK
“Localisation of the SPG within the pterygopalatine fossa as a guide to microstimulator implantation”

Best scientific poster presentation – 2nd prize
M. Hunter, H. Campbell, C. Cameron; Glasgow/UK
“A comparison of outcome with sonographic evaluation in patients with incidental FDG avid thyroid nodules”

Best educational poster presentation – 1st prize
Y. Pekçevik İ. Arslan İ. Çukurova Ü. Küçük; Izmir/TR
“Inverted papilloma: What radiologists need to know and what surgeons want to know”

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all prize winners 2018!